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Revival Gardens is a Boston, Massachusetts based firm that designs, installs, and maintains wildlife-friendly garden habitats.

Our goal is to create wildly beautiful gardens that expand and connect the canopy and green spaces across the Boston area.

We specialize in adding native plant species to small and medium-sized urban and suburban gardens. Our planting recommendations consider site conditions including how the space is used and viewed, light and water resources, and rabbit/deer pressure. We also remove most invasive plant species.

We garden without pesticides or powered garden tools on a schedule that follows New England's seasonal changes:

JAN-MAR: Design gardens, small tree/shrub pruning

APR-JUN: Garden installations and maintenance

JUL-AUG: Maintenance/fine gardening

SEPT-OCT: Installations and maintenance

NOV-DEC: Design gardens

About Inez:

Inez is a self-taught gardener who grew up in Newark, NJ surrounded by her father's ever-expanding collection of indoor plants. In 2022, she left her consulting career to pursue her dream of creating beautiful, wildlife-filled gardens. Her work is inspired by the ecologist, Doug Tallamy, and garden designer, Piet Ouldof.



Garden Design

Design services include a site visit to discuss the desired outcomes for your space, a garden plan (PDF), and a plant care spreadsheet that details plant size, sun and water requirements, and bloom time. Once designed, you may install the garden yourself or have us (or a landscaper) install it for you. Fees for design services are based on garden size and range from $350-$1,200. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. 

Garden Installation

We prepare your site for the new garden which may include removal of existing plants, amending the soil, and purchasing/transporting plants.  We will then install your new garden. We bill for installation at a rate of $50/hr. plus the cost of materials (plants, soil, etc.). Most gardens require a minimum of 24 hours of labor with larger gardens taking upwards of 80 hours to complete.

Please note that we focus on installing plants and accent landscaping  (e.g. stepping stones, small fountains or ponds). We do not install irrigation systems, lawns, fencing, or masonry. We are also unable to remove large trees, poison ivy, or Japanese knotweed.  

Maintenance & Fine Gardening

Once installed, all gardens require maintenance to look their best. We help with pruning, deadheading, dividing perennials, and general upkeep like watering and pest and invasive plant monitoring. We charge $35/hr for routine garden maintenance including gardens installed by others. 

Areas Served: Cities inside the 95 loop including Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Dedham, Medford, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, Woburn, etc.


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